Packing list for Europe: Cabin baggage

And now, the cabin bag. But before I start - not featured in this pic - toothbrush, nappies in case something terrible happens with the toilet-trained Little Miss O, pawpaw cream and snacks.  I also don't have a book.  The book I want to read is a hardcover, and I will be damned if I am going to schlep that around.  See if I can get something at the airport. Wishful thinking, I know. Hope the movies are good then.  

From the top left;  Little Miss O's med cards etc. travel journal and pen, backpack, laptop, headphones, eco shopping bag, Little Miss O's meds, iPod, passports, travel spoon, Keepcup, camera, folder with tickets etc., wallet, bag with clean undies and socks, jewellery, lip balm, rosewater spray, rose hip oil and toothpaste, hanky, umbrella, water bottle, eye mask, mobile phone and sunnies.

It's amazing how a few things fills a bag.  I've got to take loads of snacks because we have a long journey ahead of us, and I am not sure what Little Miss O will be able to eat.  Sigh.  People face a lot worse problems, but it would be so nice to have a kid who could eat anything without fear of...hives, swelling, anaphylaxis....etc.   Especially as Little Miss O LOVES to eat.  

I thought I might get an iPad for travel, but then, it would only be for travel and that seems a bit silly, really.  I am sure there are things here that a true light traveller would not bring, and I will certainly be taking note of what I don't use and not bringing them next time.

What's in your cabin bag?


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