Packing list for Europe: Outfit for the plane - the rethink

I know - I had it all sorted, and then things changed.  The weather for one.  The fact that Mama S is bringing me a new pair of jeans from home, so I don't want to carry two pairs.  The weight of my beloved Moroccan bag....

Thus....some changes from this post.

The jeans and belt have been swapped for these pants:

Loose and light and eherm....elastic waisted.

I have also swapped the much more stylish Moroccan leather bag for the very daggy but practical bag  featured in this post.  Sigh.  Sometimes practical wins over chic.  Am going to look like a dork all over Europe, but at least I won't have a sore neck and shoulders and will have two arms for carrying a small girl.

Gone are the glamour days of travel.


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