Packing list for Europe: In my suitcase - Clothes/accessories - the rethink

More thinking, hey?  I decided to swap over and get rid of things.

Gone: The denim mini skirt.  It just wasn't practical enough.

Swapped: Cream silk shirt in this post for this more practical cotton shirt:

Swapped: The embroidered cream top for this lacy top:

The brown sandals in this post for these yellow ones:

Added to my suitcase - the brown belt that I was going to wear on the plane.

Added to my suitcase - two camisole tops for sleeping and lounging.  I just though the white ones might be a bit too revealing when I am not wearing anything underneath, and I don't want to scare anyone.

I also found some trainer socks that I was looking for, so those have been added as well. Finally, my sunhat which is not pictured because it is being washed.  PACKED!  Stay tuned to see what else I am carrying....


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