Money's too tight to mention...

My name is Elyse and I am a spendaholic.  Ugh.  I am ...compelled to spend money, it seems.  can't wait to open up my waller and ease out some cashola for something or other.  A coffee.  A postcard.  A little something for Little Miss O.  Organic olive oil.  It doesn't matter what it is or how noble the intention...I go through it like water, and it has to STOP.

Baby steps.  Starting tomorrow, I am going to try not to spend a cent...or a yen for a week.  That does not include my direct debit veggie box or phone bill.  But I mean everything else.  Food, coffees, stamps, Skype calls...whatever it is - it's not going to happen.  OK - if I do run out of food, I am not going to starve my family, so I will buy some, but I very seriously doubt that is going to happen.  I know I am about to run out of my homemade shampoo, but I plan to experiment as a baking soda babe, and I have a TON of that.  I CAN do it.

Now, come on and sing Simply Red with me...


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