Money's too tight to mention: Yeast-free bread and bucket hat

It's Tuesday, and so far, I haven't spent a yen.  Hooorah!  Today, we ran out of bread, so I went to bake some more only to find that there was no yeast.  Arse.  But of course, a quick internet search came up with a squillion recipes.

I chose this one because I had all the ingredients.

I swapped sesame seed for linseed as Little Miss O can't eat sesame.  Then, I used 2 cups spelt, 1 cup kamut and 1 cup of rye.  Finally, I had to use a cup of water to replace the milk as I only had one cup of milk.  It came out kind of cake-y and dense but not bad tasting.  It'll do.

After that, I made a hat for my friend's son for his birthday from fabric remnants and bits and bobs I already had.

It came out pretty well, so I hope he likes it.  And still no money has gone out of my wallet.  YES!


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