Money's too tight to mention: Week 4

Hello beautiful people.  Another week has passed in my Money's too tight to mention life,  well, it will have passed by the end of the day.  And more success!  I am getting good at this.  So - based on last week's aims:

  • I didn't buy anything in that period from last Tuesday to today (we already discussed last Monday's spare clothes debacle).  Nowt.  And it feels GOOD.
  • The dreaded lergy struck me down, and I haven't really been up for any clothing stewardship, so that might be a project for another time.  I am going to do it 'though.  Let's face it - don't have a lot of cash to throw around, so I may as well look after what I have.
  • I sold some more stuff - some outgrown toys and Converse belonging to Little Miss O and some other more random items.  A teeny bit more cash in the bank.
  • I spent around 9000 yen on groceries this week including my Radish Boya box.  We ate quite well, I think.  Perhaps not very grandly or glamorously, but our bellies were full and most of it was pretty healthy.  OK  - except for me who has been off food and subsisting on Vegemite toast and plain crackers.  Hm.
  • I took Little Miss O out for a hot chocolate once because she had got enough stamps on her "Big Girl" chart for that treat.
  • I finished off a shirt for Little Miss O to replace one that she outgrew this week.  We made cards for her daddy for his birthday and fathers' day.
Not as much as I wanted to achieve, but there you go.  The main aims of saving more money and keeping material objects from coming into the house are being attained, so, I am pretty pleased overall.

And now this week's aims:
  • Sell some more stuff.  I still have masses of things to sort out and sell.  All part of the glorious declutter.
  • Make gifts for friends whose birthdays are coming up.
  • Make a sketchbook for Little Miss O to take on holiday.  I know - I could buy one, but at present, I'm damned if I will.  Surely there is something around the house to make one from.  Watch me punch binding holes with the takoyaki turner.
  • The only thing I am allowed to buy, if necessary, are some mini bottles to put our soap and so on in for our holiday.  I think I have enough to avoid that, but will have to double-check.  Other than that - buy nothing.  OK - a sketchbook if my well-intentioned plans fail.
  • Spend as close to nothing on food as possible.  We have lots of stuff hanging around that needs to be used up.
How do you save money at your house?


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