Money's too tight to mention: Week 3

Vrooooooom!  That was last week.  How fast my life is flashing by. 

Hooray!  I managed to save another half of my weekly allowance.  How did I go on the bullet points that I set last week?

I bought nothing. No stuff.  Not a single item.
I didn't have any coffees, although I did take Little Miss O out for sushi on Wednesday after school.
I spent around 8500 yen on groceries on total - including my Radish Boya box.
As far as I am aware, I didn't buy any imported goods - but I can't promise because I can't always read everything on the labels.  Certainly, I put a lot of stuff back because it wasn't made in Japan and chose alternatives or went without.  The local veggie market was a bit of a fizzer.
I made no Skype calls.  My mum was away and everyone else in my world are mostly email type people.
Even better, I sold a few things - nothing much, but a few more dollars in the kitty.

Feels good, actually.  I don't feel like I am denying myself anything because really, I have everything I need.   Today, which was supposed to be the first day of Week 3, I had an emergency situation where poor Little Miss O spewed all over my (nice white) top and herself, so after hand washing our garments in the bathroom sink at the mall where we had gone to get a haircut and some lunch with her oji-chan, our clothes were very damp.  I sucked it up and wore a damp, slightly stained and slightly smelly top for the rest of the afternoon, but I wasn't going to have her in wet clothes. Naturally, today was the day when I set out without I had to make a quick dash to the nearest clothing retailer.  Lesson learnt.

And for this coming week?  Bullet points please....

  • Not buying any stuff.  Not a single thing.
  • Practising stewardship on my wardrobe in order to prolong the life of my clothes.  This will include (time permitting) such things as cleaning and waterproofing handbags, taking winter coats to the dry cleaner, hand washing scarves and hats used over winter (those that can be hand washed), fixing and polishing jewellery and going over each piece of clothing to check for pilling (to be de-pilled), loose or missing buttons, loose threads etc. etc. to be mended.  This may take longer than this week.
  • Trying to sell some more of my unwanted stuff in order to declutter and put more money in the bank
  • Trying to limit spending on groceries as much as possible - within reason.  Doing without or substitution will come into play here. Stiffing my family on good, healthy sensible sized meals will not.
  • Trying to avoid spending on unnecessary things like coffees.
  • Time permitting - continuing to make Little Miss O's size 4 wardrobe and any gifts/cards etc. that I feel I might want to send.


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