Money's too tight to mention: Week 2

I liked doing that challenge last week, so I am (backdating from yesterday - Monday) going to try it again.  What am I avoiding this week?

  • spending money on stuff - trying not to buy a single thing
  • luxuries like coffees
  • grocery spending - trying as hard as I can to make do with what I have got.  I already spent 2650 yen yesterday.  However, Radish Boya came today, so am pretty well stocked for food, I hope.
  • spending money on imported goods - this includes imported food.  There is a local veggie market coming up on Saturday, so I am MOST excited about that.  Our local Ito Yokado also has a small section selling produce from local growers.
  • Skype calls - my mum is away this week, so that should not be so tricky.
I went out yesterday with a friend, so I had to get a train ticket and some lunch, but I didn't buy any things.  I also had to post two letters and a parcel.  

Hopefully will be slinging some more cash bank-wards soon.


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