Money's too tight to mention: No 'poo

Yesterday, I ran out of the huge bottle of homemade shampoo I had been using, so I decided to go for no 'poo.  Or at least the baking soda/apple cider vinegar kind.

My homemade shampoo was too heavy on the something - oil?  castile? for my hair, and thus, I have been having bad hair days for quite some time.  Here is my hair pre-no 'poo in all its natural, un-coloured, un-producted, un-conditioned glory (I am most of the way to no 'poo anyway, it seems).  As you can see it's quite...flat, a bit lank and hanging in clumps.  Mmm..lovely.

I've decided to follow the instructions on Crunchy Betty, cos I kind of love Crunchy Betty.  I do not live in fear of the hell of the first two weeks because my hair has been pretty grim of late anyway.  Myah.  I've never been much of a one to care about my hair anyway.  Bring it on, I say.

So I did  - but I do recommend mixing your baking soda and vinegar in warm water as my head got half frozen when I tipped the cold over it.  BUT!  My hair came out fluffy and soft and easy to get the comb through.  An auspicious start. 

After the baking soda/ACV treatment...bounce!  Shine!


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