Money's too tight to mention: A little spending and wrapping a gift

Little Miss O was dubious about going to kindy.  I promised an orange for afternoon tea.  It was worth the money.  I also had to pick up some tomatoes, bread, parmesan, lemon, milk and onions for various recipes to last, I hope, til Saturday when this experiment ends. Total spent: 2037 yen.

Today, I also needed to speak to my mum, so I made a quick Skype call for 13 minutes.

However, I did manage to wrap a gift for my friend's son for nowt.  I always keep Little Miss O's drawings for cards and wrapping.  It seems such a shame to just chuck them away, but I don't want a house full of endless artworks.  I am starting to take photos of what she makes at kindy rather than keep them all too.

She and I made the card - box from pasta, paper from beautifully wrapped Japanese omiyage, stickers from oba-chan.  Ribbon...from my ribbon box where I carefully stash all the ribbons off gifts we have been given.  As wrapping gets trashed mostly, although I like it to look good, I loathe spending money on it.  Hm - who knew I was such a tightwad?


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