Samsara project: Photo album to sketchbook which things pass through states of existence...

I wanted a hardcover sketchbook for Little Miss O to take on our holiday so she could draw and stick in tickets and stuff as we go along and then we can tear the best pages out and put them in an album with photos later.  The one that she has is tiny and almost full, so I decided to make one...albeit a slightly skewiff and dodgy one.

As I was clearing out the extensive box of ephemera (Oh the pretties - vintage photos, origami paper, pretty packaging salvaged from all sorts of places, tickets, old newspapers, vintage cards etc....) that I use to make cards and decorate gifts etc., I found an old photo album containing a bunch of vintage Chinese photos that I got at the Wenmiao Si book market in Shanghai ages ago (great market - GREAT market.  Not sure if it is still there, but if it is, scrabble around under the tables.  I have scored vintage photos, vintage Communist propaganda magazines, vintage movie posters, vintage kids' much great art stuff...for cheap).

I pulled the cover off and then using the takoyaki turner (which looks exactly like an awl), I punched holes in the cover and the pages (which I got from a soft cover sketch book that she got given for her birthday) and then stitched them through with purple embroidery thread.

Then, I trimmed the sticky edges off the paper with a dirty great cutting knife et voila.  All ready to go.  And I can replace the pages any time I like, so it can keep going and going and going...til it falls apart.

And I didn't have to buy one.  YAY!


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