Gifts for friends

There are some birthdays coming up, and I really felt like sewing (when don't I?), so I raided my box of vintage tea towels and the like.  Vintage tea towels are amazing - such bright colours and funky graphics.  Whenever I go opshopping, I keep an eye out for them - as well as vintage souvenir scarves - another obsession.  Er...and tray cloths.  And napkins.  And random textile bits.

I used a simple tutorial from this website to make a couple of cute simple aprons.  The tape was leftover bag handles from when I used to design and make bags.  Errr...about six years ago.  Ridiculous how long stuff sits around!  I was going to add frills and other embellishments, but decided against it.  The tea towels really speak for themselves.

And another one....loving that linen colour....

Also in the box were some random textiles, so I whipped up a tea cosy for a friend of mine using a vintage Asian inspired cloth.  She and I lived in China together, and she made me the teapot picture in the background, so I thought this was a good choice.

 The back is vintage yukata fabric.  And some cute lining.  Love a Japanese fabric.

Now, I am off to make a hot water bottle cover for a friend of mine who feels the cold (and the heat too) keenly.  It's winter now in Sydney, so I hope it will keep her toasty.  Pics anon.  Such nanna gifts.  Haha.


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