Sewing for kids: Licca-chan fairy costume

Dear Takara Tomy,

I am buggered if I am going to pay around 2000 yen for a tiny little outfit for a tiny little doll.  That is more than some of my own clothes cost!

Love else seven mama

OK - my fairy costume is not as cute as the one that you can buy.  And I probably should have used white thread, but there was black in my bobbin and a small girl champing at the bit for dolly's clothes, so I just ran with it.  Dodgy?  Yes.  Well made?  Doubtful.  Loved?  Absolutely.  Look at that wistful look in Licca-chan's eyes.  All misty-eyed over her fabulous outfit.  Not.

Next time, I might use a pattern.  And some matching thread.


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