Lunch box ideas

Little Miss O and I are off on an excursion tomorrow to the aquarium.  Us and fifty million other kids and their parentals.  Woohoo.  Tuna, egg-free mayo and spring onion sambas on bread-that-was-as-close-as-I-could-get-to-healthy-from-the-supermarket bread, cherry tomatoes, spelt muffin and blueberries.  For moi - egg sambos (mmm...stinky), sultanas and a spelt muffin.  I might steal some of Little Miss O's tomatoes.

I hope I don't get shamed by other kids with cute little fishie themed bento with rice balls that look like octopuses and vegetables carefully carved to resemble clown fish or whatever tomorrow.  

What's in your kiddy lunchbox today i.e. inspire me!


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