Leftovers pizza

There is leftover pizza and there is leftovers pizza.  Personally, I like both.  That's right.  My name is Elyse, and I like to eat really bad Dominos pizza that has been left in the fridge over night for breakfast the next morning.  Not every day.  Not even every week.  Just sometimes.

But THIS, my friends, is leftovers pizza where I take stuff hanging around in the fridge and throw it on a homemade base (am still looking for the holy grail of homemade pizza base recipes if anyone has one).

Leftover homemade walnut pesto sauce, leftover spinach about to turn and some tuna from last night's salad.  Add a little mozzarella and a little onion et voila.  Little Miss O helped out and was extremely proud of her efforts.  And ate about half of it too.  

What's hanging about in your fridge that needs to be chucked on a pizza base?


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