Design love: Vintage cookbooks

Ahh - something I have a lot of trouble resisting in charity shops are vintage cookbooks.  They are so wonderful on so many levels.  The names of the dishes...anything with "surprise" in it is my personal favourite.  I always wonder what the surprise is going to be.  The ingredients.  Hahah.  They crack me up - everything from a can or frozen or in a packet - even the vegetables.  The themes. Night in Paris dinner.  Hawaiian Luau dinner.  The cookware - retroTASTic to the max.  The photography.  So technicolour.  So shiny.  So grrrrreasy.  And the graphic design.  Marvellous fonts and graphics. So much joy for usually about AUD1 a book.  Siiiiiiighs with bliss.

Look at that graphic perfection.  Seriously.  This is from a Family Circle cookbook from 1963.  

A spread from the same cookbook.  Check out the FUNK of those damn serving dishes, napkins, the serving buffet, plates....etc.  I would love those in my house today.  

It's my guess that probably most people who used this cookbook had all sorts of health issues - judging by the amount of fat and salt in the recipes.  Woaaaah Nelly!  Still, I'd love to try and convert some of them for the modern eater.  Zippy Rye-bread sticks or Dixie Dandy anyone?


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