Calorie Counting: Lunches

(Please note that this is in no way medical or nutritional advice, it's just a record of what I am doing.  Please always consult your doctor before attempting any changes to diet).

This soup smells delicious!  I added some cumin and coriander as I didn't use any soup stock as I am a bit sodium level obsessed at the moment, and I don't have any of the low sodium kind.  Must start paying more attention to how much sodium we need and how much we are actually getting.

I have been a bit lazy over the last couple of days, with the fam all home over Golden Week, so I didn't bother with any sides (everyone else had cheese on toast).

Basic Lentil Soup as seen on Yummly = 200 calories per serve.  Plus 20g yoghurt at 11 calories = 211 calories.


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