Exercise: 30 day shred - two months in

Not so much shredding this month, I am afraid, my friends.

First of all, while doing Level One over and over again, I wished and wished for Level Two to arrive. Hm - talk about minding what you wish for!  It was pretty hard going.  I had to stick with Anita on quite a few things and it ended up aggravating my stupid old knee injury anyway.  (About six years ago, I did my knee in at the gym.  The doctor I saw said I had torn the meniscus and fractured the tibial platform and suggested surgery. I took one look at the hospital (in Shanghai, China) and refused.  It is still dodgy today.  The knee - and probably the hospital too).

So - I broke it up a bit with some C25K and some Seane Corn Detox Flow, which I adore.  The running was great - my knee didn't mind it a bit and the weather has been gorgeous, so I felt on top of the world.

Then - a week or so of flu-type situation. Thought I got better and so did some running and some Jillian, but then yesterday I felt so shite I slept for 12 hours... and still feel...not myself.  So annoying.  I rarely get ill (touch wood), so am really champing at the bit to get out there again.

However, progress was made.  As you may have seen, I have been trying a bit of calorie counting on meals - still got a way to go, but working on it meal by meal.  The scales are still going down - 67.6kg today.  That's from a starting point of 70.8kg, so a total weight loss of 3.2kg so far.  My measurements seem to be decreasing too although...as mentioned, that could be my dodgy measuring.  Pretty happy.  I am feeling lighter and more energetic and my skin is still looking healthier.  I feel good in my clothes and more importantly, in myself.

Once I kick this damn flu-like thingie, then I want to get right back into it.  I will probably mix it up a bit more that the first month - just because I love yoga and am really loving running outside.  Woohoooo!  

 At the beginning....

Two months in

At the beginning

Two months in


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