Zero Waste Home: The fountain pen

Am back at the decluttering helm again and am sorting out all the stationery in this house.  Oh man!  I am getting a big bag together to give away and am banning myself from buying any until I have used up what I have now.  I know - rocket science again.  But really, it's amazing how these very simple concepts just get forgotten in the dazzle of the shops!

So - amongst the drawers I have already been through, I dug out my mum's fountain pen which she gave to me and two pots of purple ink.  I am very fond of fountain pens.  When I was in fifth grade, once we had proved we could write nicely, we "graduated" to fountain pens.  Although I hold my pen in a vice-like grip and thus always got covered in ink, I still have fond memories.

This is what I will be writing with from now on.  It's a bladder fountain pen, so there is no need for cartridges, although I will have to think of something to do with the pots once they are empty.  They are glass, so can be recycled, but still.... candles perhaps?   Containers for  Somewhere around, I also have my grandfather's Parker set - maybe there is a mechanical pencil and a ball point pen...I shall dig them out too and from now on eschew the use of disposable writing instruments.

Baby steps, baby steps....


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