What's cookin': Baked falafel

I saw this recipe on Green Kitchen Stories and maybe in their recipe book which we have at our library.  I waited for ages for that but was kind of disappointed because there are a lot of nuts and eggs and well, they aren't really a big thing in our house.  Also - you know...Japan...accessibility of ingredients and so on.

Blah, blah, blah.  

I have been wanting to make my own falafel for a while.  I usually use an Orgran mix and I usually fry them in the teeniest amount of oil possible.  However, for a change, I made these.  

Obviously, the pistachios were not going to happen, so I substituted walnuts as they are the only nut so far to which Little Miss O is not allergic. My mint hasn't grown tall enough yet, so I only used parsley.  The cashew nut butter was also out of the question...and although a hummus or tahini based sauce would have been great, she is also allergic to sesame, thus I just went for big dollops of plain yoghurt, which we all love.  Neither of the other fam members are fond of chilli, so I had to make the salsa with just onion, cherry toms, olive oil and pepper and add some Thai sweet chilli sauce to mine, which was YUM.  Thai sweet chilli sauce on everything, I say.  

So - a few changes.  As per the recipe, I baked them, but they came out a teeny bit dry, I thought.  That soon got lost in all the juicy green-ness - rocket, alfalfa, cabbage, iceberg, lettuce and avocado.  Well-received by the fam, but Little Miss O was very dubious about the greens today - unusual for her.  She usually gives them a go.  Ah well...three year olds are not known for their constancy.

Final verdict - a few more tweaks, a more interesting sauce, and I think it will become a bit of a fam fave.


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