Eco eater: Radish Boya

Oh man.  It took a long time for me to get hooked up with Radish Boya, but finally, they delivered me a box of veggies today...

I went for the largest box because are big veggie eaters in this 'hood.  I also added eggs as they are lovely free range, non-GMO and all that bizzo.  Hoorah!   It cost 3638 yen which is a pretty good deal.  However - I am not really sure about other charges yet - membership fee, delivery fee, yearly fee, but I will update you when I find out what they are.  

To get there was a bit of mafan, though.  I tried to sign up on the website, but couldn't get it to work - something to do with half-size text or something.  Wah.  Then Mr O checked it out and called them but he got a bit bored with it, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go for it if I had to sign up for eternity....or at least make some form of commitment.  Then, I went to Earth Day and the Radish Boya dudes were there and they told me they had an English phone line.  YES!  A very helpful lady called me on my requested day and time and we had a bit of a chat and she signed me up....

However, the website and the catalogue and the endless bumpf that comes with it is all in Japanese, so that might make it a bit tricky for y'all.  The English phone line is 03-5442-8368 and is available Mon-Fri 1-9pm.

Not sure what the veggies taste like yet, will get stuck into the cooking tomorrow arvo, but I did get a few curve balls in the form of fuki (butterbur), shungiku (chrysanthemum greens) and yamaimo (yam).  Nothing that a quick google search couldn't fix - so watch this space for new dish trials!

So - I am signed up, but we shall see how it goes.

(Please note that I am not sponsored by any of those veggie box companies and they didn't give me any free stuff.  Unfortunately!  This is just my money and my legwork and my opinions.)

Update: the yearly fee is 1080 yen (or thereabouts).  There is no delivery charge for just the veggie box and no membership fee.


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