Tokyu comes up trumps!

Oh my dear little else seven-ies!  How happy it is to pop my darling Little Miss O on the bus and wave goodbye and say hello to freedom of one sort or another for six or so hours.  Freedom to wander the aisles of Tokyo and read the packaging....

Organic miso, organic natto, organic carrots, organic sesame and organic prunes....

...and organic apple cider vinegar for my upcoming baking soda shampoo/not shampoo experiment.  YES!

I am not going to lie to you and say that this stuff comes cheap, my friends.  However - I am thinking of it helping in three ways (indulge me with some bullet points - I love them!);
  • more money spent on good quality food means less money to spend on crapola to clutter up my house
  • organic/pesticide free etc. is an investment in my family's health, so hopefully less trips to the doctor and less medical bills
  • organic/pesticide free etc. is an investment in the planet's health and therefore an investment in the future.
Still, I do have to do a bit of food budgeting as I need to save more money for travel - my greatest love.

Don't forget to check out my growing source guide to help you find the things you need if you are in Tokyo.


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