Spring is time for picnics

Spring in Japan is beautiful - even after the cherry blossoms.  Flowers blooming (oh the magnolias!), cloudless blue skies and temperatures in the low twenties (celsius) make it the perfect time for picnics.  

Little Miss O and I have the best picnics.  Often, we just rummage around in the fridge and pantry and find some little bits and pieces to stuff in Tupperware.  Sometimes, we just look at the weather and look at our lunches on the table and decide they would taste much better if we were eating them outside. Near our favourite park is a bakery run by an expat which has rather decadent treats such as the ebi-fry burger I had today (oh!  so much more running to do after that one) or shimeji cheese pizza if there really is nothing in the fridge.  

In a beautiful environment, even bread and cheese taste great... so keep it simple and get out there!

What's your favourite picnic fare?


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