Sashiko cushion cover

I finally finished one of the Fujisan sashiko pieces from the kit that I got recently.  It was a very meditative process - stitch, stitch, stitch.  I decided to turn it into a cushion cover, so I used some vintage kimono fabric to edge it.  Oh vintage kimono fabric, how I love you.  

Segue - I still can't believe the time I went to the Kyoto flea market that takes place on the 21st of each month and when trying to pay 100 yen for one piece of fabric, a man handed me a grocery store sized plastic bag and told me to FILL it from a pile of vintage Japanese fabrics for 100 yen.  The stuff of dreams.

Anyway - I am pretty pleased with how it worked out.  I backed it with some soft mushroom pink matte satin.  Soon, it will be winging its way to a friend for her birthday.  Hope she likes it!


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