Product review: Eco-kids natural paints

I am not sent these products by the company nor does anyone pay me to write the reviews.  I am in no way affiliated with the company.

I was feeling bad about letting Little Miss O paint with paints from Daiso, even though she was perfectly happy with them - fingers, brushes...whatever.  Therefore, I decided to research some eco paints for kids and found these on Amazon Japan (also on Rakuten, but I happened to have an Amazon voucher), so I decided to give them a whirl.

Cutting to the chase, I didn't like them.  Firstly, I had to fiddle around with powders and mix them up, which in the "NOW!" world of a three year old, adds some extra stress. There didn't seem to be any instructions, so I just added water.  Some came out too thin, some too lumpy.  Pretty colours, though.

The paint was kind of's paint, but sloppy wet with grainy bits....

...and it dried in quite different colours - much faded.

Finally, the as the paint dried, it turned back into powder a bit, so I had powder residue all over the table and the floor.

And Little Miss O's verdict?  She hasn't asked to do painting since!  Guess I will have to continue my search.


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