Sewing for kids: Pompom skirt

A question: why is pompom trim SO elusive and SO expensive?  And why do I love it so much?  I got this fabric on sale ages ago for 100 yen a metre, so I used about half which is 50 yen.  The trim cost....ugh...around 800 yen!!  Outrage.

However, it's a cute little skirt and will look marvellous with this top and this t-shirt.  Hooray!

Simple shapes in great fabrics - that is my philosophy for Little Miss O's wardrobe.


  1. I love Pom Pom trim too. Makes every outfit look better! I have bought some off etsy but, yes, I guess it is pricey.....

  2. Let's face it - pompom trim makes the whole DAY better! :) Love what you have been making recently.


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