Sewing for kids: Accessories

Little Miss O was restless last evening, so I got her to help me trace some patterns for a little bag and a bucket hat to go with her summer wardrobe that I am making.  She loves to "help," even though mostly it's a hindrance.  Ah well, it's all a good learning experience for her.  Actually, she made quite a good paper and pattern holder.  She also picked out the fabrics.  A creative in the making!

The little bag above (how GOOD is that button?) came from a book I borrowed from the library.

I freestyled on the strap length, so of course, it came out too long, which while being infinitely preferable to too short, is annoying.  Still, I can tie it in a knot at the shoulder.  The fabric is vintage from about six or seven years ago, which is ridiculous, really - that I have kept fabric for that long over two countries.

The bucket hat was made using Oliver + S Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson.  Every single freakin' time I am halfway through making a hat, I think...never again.  EVER.  And then I's not so bad.  Blah.  It is.

It came out a bit wonky (again - fabrics chosen by the intended wearer), but shall provide lots of lovely shade.  Both vintage fabrics - one from and the other from a vintage fair in Sydney - again - both aeons ago.  Must not stash fabric! Vintage bias binding from the flea market.  


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