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So - happy days - Little Miss O is finally at kindy full time...wooohooo!  She seems to be enjoying it and is speaking Japanese much more than previously and I am loving the "free" time.  More to the point - the ability to do all the stuff I do unaccompanied, including going to the toilet.  Marvellous.

This month, she needs to take lunch every day, so I am doing my best to prepare healthy lunches that she will actually eat.  I informed her early in the piece that life was too short for me to faff around putting faces on her rice balls or creating scenes from goddamn Genji or whatever using elegantly hard carved veggies in her lunch box.  She was a bit miffed, but seems to be over it.

Today, after school, we attempted to make inari sushi - her fave kind of sushi.  I used this recipe but I;

  • didn't put anything in the rice as recommended in the recipe (sugar, vinegar etc).
  • stir fried some peas, carrot and corn in a teeny bit of olive oil and mixed them into the rice
  • used brown rice
  • didn't use any sugar at all

Yes - deep fried tofu is not exactly the healthiest thing but at least I made a few adjustments to improve it a little.  Served with a salad of wakame, edamame and soba noodles dressed with a dash of olive oil, mirin, soy sauce, ginger and lemon.

Raspberry, blueberry and coconut egg-free muffin (with honey and molasses instead of caster sugar) and strawberries to go with.


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