Earth Day Tokyo 2014

Little Miss O and I went off to Earth Day again this year.  It was our third time to visit this event, and I think that each year, I grow more and more disillusioned with it.  The first year, I think I was stoked to find anything organic or remotely eco-friendly in Japan and really enjoyed the funky beats and organic coffee.  The second year, we had quite a bit of fun with doing kids' stuff with Flo and Mr O came along too, so that was very helpful as we could understand more of what was going on.

This year started off well - the weather was sunny and we wandered around a bit looking for things for Little Miss O to do.  I was on the search for a new veggie box supplier too.  We found Radish Boya who were doing  a cool promo where you could make a face with veggies;

...and then keep the veggies.  If only I had known that to begin with, I would have got Little Miss to make a very detailed master piece with lots and lots and lots of fruit and veg, but hey...we put these in our pasta tonight and were happy.  I also managed to arrange for a sales rep to call me on Monday to talk to me about getting veggie boxes.  Result!

Things started to go downhill for me when the free veggies were presented to us in a plastic bag.  A plastic bag?  Really?  On Earth Day? On we went, and at each stall, people pressed balloons, badges, postcards, sticker sheets, pens and all sorts of freebies on us.  I managed to decline a large number, but Little Miss O was quite adamant on a few counts and ...ugh - I didn't have the energy.  We will have to work harder on her eco-awareness!  Things were plastic wrapped and individually wrapped on and so forth.  There was a section of the festival dedicated to people selling...stuff...for want of a better word.  Some of it, albeit, recycled, such as the ubiquitous bags made out of plastic advertising banners, but some of it, such as imported hippy-esque clothes from Mexico and India etc. was just...stuff.  And more freebies.    Then  - even more scary - the anti-abortion tent.  Not a lot of visitors to that one, I was rather relieved to see.

There was good stuff.  The veggie man was cool, and there were a couple of story tellers for the kids. The live music gave a pleasant vibe on a sunny day, and there were some useful things on sale such as organic seeds and seedlings, organic coffee, organic hemp seed oil (which I forgot to buy!), organic chocolate (very important!) and so on.  I thought stalls were a bit more thin on the ground that last year and definitely less tastings and the like.  

I guess what was the best thing about Earth Day this year is that it made me realise that we all, including myself, have a long way to go in order to see real change.  Washing up your plates that you brought from home after your vegan lunch may seem very noble, but then drying them with disposable paper towel and accepting an individually wrapped dishwashing sponge and colour leaflet just seems to defy the point.  I am now more determined to monitor every step of the way and make sure that everything I do is making a difference.  I have got a long way to go, but so has Earth Day Tokyo.


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