Counting calories: Breakfast

(Please note that this is in no way medical or nutritional advice, it's just a record of what I am doing.  Please always consult your doctor before attempting any changes to diet).

Another porridge day today, but I forgot the chia seeds.  Ooops. 276 calories.  Then, as I had been getting ravenous by 10am, I decided to see if I added more calories it would sustain me 'til lunch as then I am less likely to grab whatever comes first and shove it in my gob.  

Obviously, nutritionally, this wasn't the ideal choice, but I haven't baked any bread recently as I was waiting for some flour to arrive, so I had to just use Mr O's bread.  155 cals + 9 for the Vegemite (we ran out of butter!) = 164 cals.

164 cals + 276 cals + 5 cals for the coffee = 445 cals.  And did I last til lunch time?  Not quite - I had to grab an Anzac bickie or two to stop me passing out - again - not a healthy choice.  I will have to start looking at snacks soon.  Perhaps if the toast had been a more slow release type of flour, it might have worked.  Or maybe I should save the toast until 10am and see if that works.  Hm.  So many little experiments to do!


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