Calorie Counting: Dinners

(Please note that this is in no way medical or nutritional advice, it's just a record of what I am doing.  Please always consult your doctor before attempting any changes to diet).

On Saturday nights, Mr O goes to karate, so Little Miss O and I usually treat ourselves to cheesy pasta.  She sits up on the very tiny bench in the kitchen and helps me to measure and chats.  Often, we end up eating our pasta there, enjoying the cosy atmosphere.
Here's our secret recipe with the calorie count.

1.25 cups quinoa and kamut pasta 525
1 tsp olive oil 40
2/3 cup cheese 306
1 cup sliced mushies 15
¼ cup soy milk 25
1 tbsp white wine 12
1 tbsp spelt flour 29


Cook the pasta according to the instructions - we use the Eden brand one.  Heat the olive oil in a thick bottomed sauce pan and saut√© the mushrooms until they are nice and brown.  Add the cheese, flour, milk and white wine and stir gently until it becomes a thick sauce with no lumps.  Turn it off and mix the pasta in.  Serve.  

This serves one adult and one 3 year old, so it ends up at about 630 calories for my serve.  That's a bit of a blowout for one meal, but it's only once a week.  Just got to make sure that the other meals combined don't go over the 870 calorie mark in total.


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