Calorie counting: Breakfasts

(Please note that this is in no way medical or nutritional advice, it's just a record of what I am doing.  Please always consult your doctor before attempting any changes to diet).

I am not a fruit person.  Smoothies are unlikely to be featured on my breakfast menu.  However, I know that some fruit is good for me, so I try to get some into my diet.  Today, I put blueberries in my porridge for a nice antioxidant kick.

1/2 cup organic porridge = 225 cals, 1/4 cup organic soy milk = 20 cals  1tsp chia = 30 cals  1tsp brown sugar= 11 cals, 1/4 cup blueberries = 20 cals and a black coffee = 5 cals.  Total: 311 calories.


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