Calorie counting: Breakfasts

(Please note that this is in no way medical or nutritional advice, it's just a record of what I am doing.  Please always consult your doctor before attempting any changes to diet).

I love to eat. I love to cook.  I love to go to the supermarket.  I love to go to restaurants.  I love farmers' markets.  I love food blogs.  I love cookbooks.  And so on.

However, although I would love to pretend I wasn't, I think I am probably eating a bit too much for my age and my activity level.  Sigh.  Thus, I am going to introduce some calorie control slowly (so it's less painful) into my diet.

My aim is to eat between around 1500 - 1800 calories a day.  For my age, height, weight and activity level,  I need around 2200 calories a day, but as I still have a few kilos I wouldn't mind shifting to revel the shredded body I am trying to sculpt (hahaha), then...I need to cut back a little.  My aim is to eat as healthily as possible too.  As many whole foods and as much organic as possible, as well as little sugar as I can.

I'm starting with breakfast this week and moving on to lunch when I have researched some good soup and salad recipes.  This morning's brekky was two pieces of homemade spelt, rye and kamut toast and 1/4 of an avocado with a black coffee.  Total calories = 300 for the bread, 72.5 for the avocado and 4 for the coffee = 376.5.  I approximated the bread calories as it is homemade and I am using calorie count for my guide.  I am not expecting these calorie counts to be 100% accurate, but at least they will give me a better idea of what is going into my body and hopefully lead me to better health.

What's your favourite healthy breakfast?  I would love some new ideas!


  1. Poached eggs on spelt toast or bircher muesli with oats, blueberries and mixed nuts! I often get lazy and don't eat breakfast but don't think that's a good way of limiting calories (better to do it later in the day!)


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