Zero waste home: Baking sheets

As I may have mentioned before, Bea Johnson and her zero waste home are one of my little blog crushes.  Awesome.  Sporadically, I focus on something in our home that could be replaced with something reusable.

Today, I was looking for the banana cases my friend wants in Daiso, and I came across these babies.  Silicone baking sheets!  Can withstand up to 230 degrees Celsius!  Bright colours!  105 yen each!  I have been using If You Care parchment paper and reusing it, but it kind of made me feel bad every time I threw it away.  I bake quite a bit, and had been musing on some reusable baking sheets, so....GOLD!  I chose one colour and Little Miss O the other.  Guess which one is hers?  What is WITH little girls and pink?

What disposable item have you replaced in your home recently?


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