Eco eater: Veggie box trials - Warabe Mura

Sigh.  In a perfect world, veggie box deliveries would be...perfect.  However, On the Slope messed up my order the other day, but didn't tell me, leaving me stuck at home all Monday morning waiting for my order and then...not getting it.  And thus leaving me stuck without food.  Ugh.  It was unfortunate because actually, they were good, and I was loving their boxes, but at least it gave me the kick in the bum to try someone else.

And so I turned to Warabe Mura.  I had to order some flour and other stuff as well, so it was a convenient time for me to give them a whirl.  Things I like so far about them are that I had a problem accessing their catalogue - I think it was my computer error - and they got right on it for me and helped me to fix it.  Nice.  I also liked the fact that although it said to order on Monday for a Friday delivery, I missed this deadline because of the computer error, but they delivered this evening anyway.  YES!  Finally, they have a huge catalogue of all sorts of wonderful organic and so on treats. I could have gone MAD.

My package arrived today, as I mentioned, and here is what it contained;

This was the veggie box at 2,223 yen.

Extras - rye, kamut and spelt flour for my baking happiness, organic brown rice, aluminium free baking powder, organic tomato ketchup for Mr O's om-rice and organic miso.

Everything has a downside, however, and the two things that I didn't love so much about Warabe Mura were that the delivery is COD only with an extra charge of 315 yen on top of the original delivery cost of 525 yen.  In summer, there is a compulsory cold fee for veggie box, which would bring the delivery cost to over 1000 yen, which is just getting too steep for me.  Secondly, although of course, the veggie box is seasonal and also much cheaper than others, it changes size and price depending on availability, and that doesn't really work for me.  The above is no waaaaay enough veggies for our family for a week, and I like to be more sure of what I might receive.  Neither of these are insurmountable problems, but they just don't suit me.

So - although I will consider ordering groceries from them in the future, I don't think I will do the veggie box again, but...I seriously recommend checking them out - a great source for other items.


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