Eco eater: Veggie box trials - Supplementing the veggies

As you saw the other day, the veggies from Warabe Mura weren't enough to keep an almost exclusively vegetable eating family (albeit a small one!) in veggies for a week.  Thus, today, in true hunter gatherer style, I went out to forage for organic supplies at my local supermarket.  And...


Tokyu supermarket came up trumps.  They had a decent range of organic veggies - all pretty seasonal - at the moment stuff like spinach, radish, burdock, carrots and an extra bonus - organic flour for the cake Little Miss O and I are going to bake for our neighbours and organic jam.  YES!

I went alone so I could linger amongst the shelves and look carefully for the characters which I have mentioned previously:


Those, my friends (yuuki) are the secret to your success.  Good luck!


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