Eco eater: Veggie box trials - On the Slope (part 2)

I was really pleased with On the Slope's trial service for the following reasons:

I could order in English, and the delivery came pretty quickly (ordered on Friday and it came on Monday), so I decided to give it another go.  In addition, I liked being forced to expand my repertoire to cook with new veggies.  Err...and several of the other veggie box companies I wanted to try are closed over the winter..until June, which is understandable weather-wise, but not really helpful for people who want to eat veggies all year round.  

So - I ordered the medium box at 3600 yen with 500 yen delivery and here is what I got:

YUM!  This made our Monday morning very exciting.  Yep - I got excited about vegetables.  From this lot, I am pretty much managing to feed us from Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner with one lunch out and a little bit of brekky food.  Of course, I used staples from my pantry such as pearl barley for risotto, chickpeas for dahl, lima beans for spaghetti "bolognese" to make the veg into meals.  I also had to buy - lettuce, cucumber, avocado, two apples, some tomatoes, onions, cheese, yoghurt, brown rice, tofu....I think that's all. In addition to the 4100 yen total, I spent another 2800 yen on supplementary food and. as mentioned, used stuff from my pantry.    We ate exclusively veggie at home this week.

When I need to update some pantry staples, I will put in an order with Warabe Mura, but for now, I am happy with this company.  YUM. I might try the large box this week just to see how it compares.  Watch this space.


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