Packing list for Europe: Outfit for the plane

Little Miss O and I are heading off for Europe in a couple of months, and I am determined to practise packing light-ish.  Yes - I know.  In a couple of months, but man - it's been too rainy and cold to get outside of late and so I decided I wanted to think about what I was going to pack and so I am.

We are going from Russia, through parts of Scandinavia and on to the UK and Paris, so some different climates and weather expected.  I doubt with a three year old in tow there will be too many hot nights on the town, so I haven't really factored in much glamour dressing.  Last time, despite my most valiant efforts, I ended up schlepping a giant backpack which almost killed me.  Imagine having a daypack and an (at the time) two year old strapped to your front and a giant backpack on your back.  I could hardly walk and sometimes, I had to give up and take a taxi.  In short - it sucked.

This time, none of that.  I want to be able to move around easily and independently.  I don't have a carry-on sized bag, mine is slightly larger and I am also taking those budget airlines that only let you take one bag, so I need to check in my case.  Bummer.  In my ideal world, I would just have a tiny handbag with my passport, wallet and i-thingie and a carry on.  But then, there's the three year old who needs snacks on the plane as she is allergic to eggs, nuts and sesame and who needs spare undies and clothes in case of a toilet accident and so on and so on...

These posts are not about hardcore travel with high-tech travel fabrics or any special travel equipment at all.  They are also not about high fashion glamour travel.  They are somewhere in between - regular person, regular clothes, but just a relatively well-edited and well thought-out packing list.  I will also be doing them for Little Miss O for those of you who travel with encumbrances...children.

But I digress.  This first post is about what I will be wearing on the plane.  I will be going via the Middle East, which will be hot and then landing in Russia, which will probably be cooler.  I also get damn cold on the plane, so I need layers.

Outfit for the plane:

White singlet - for layering and as a possible PJ/workout option later on.

A big scarf that doubles as a blankie for Little Miss O

A belt that goes with all my bottoms

A beret - my signature hat and also a bit of cosiness for cooler days

Converse - my favourite shoe - and a shoe that is good for walking and goes with everything else I am taking.

A jacket for cooler days and because it is always freeeeeezing on the plane.

A cardigan - also for layering.  It can be worn under the jacket on cold days (especially in Russia, I predict) and also on its own on cooler summer nights.  Last year, when I was in Europe from May- July, I needed my cardi basically every day!  Brrrr.

Jeans - I know - some people refuse to travel with them, but as I wear them almost every single day...I  am taking them.  They can be dressed up or down and go with all the tops I am taking.  These are THE best jeans ever.

A plain white tshirt in linen.  Goes with everything, is flattering and comfy.  I will be passing through the Middle East on my flight, so I need something to keep me cool during that time.  

A necklace that suits all my outfits for day time.

My favourite ring.

A pair of studs.

My trusty Moroccan bag.  There'll be another post on what's IN the bag anon.

Sunnies.  Not that it is going to be sunny on the plane, but I reckon I am going to look pretty rough after x number of hours with a three year old on two planes with a five or six hour layover, so...sunnies.

Watch this space for what's in my suitcase, what's in the cabin bag and Little Miss O's packing list.


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