Packing list for Europe: In my suitcase: accessories

Accessories maketh the outfit, or something along those lines.  Therefore, in addition to what I am wearing on the plane, I am also taking some extra accessories along for the ride.

A plain scarf that goes with all my outfits.

My fabulous necklace that turns day wear into casual evening wear with the fastening of a clasp.

My fabulous earrings which also turn daywear into casual evening wear.  Magic, hey?

Some pretty sparkles just because I love them.

My pretty flats bought in Italy last year - sensible, comfortable (I hope!) and can make an ordinary outfit look a bit more flash.

My fave brown sandals.  Yes - they are getting a bit rough looking on the soles and insides, but still look fine-ish on the exterior.  I suspect this may be their last trip and will be looking for a shoe recycling option for them as well as a fab pair to replace them.

Errrr.that's it.  Short, but sweet. 


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