Packing list for Europe: In my suitcase - clothes.

And now....drum roll..what I will be taking in my suitcase to Europe clothes-wise.  It will be late spring to midsummer, so I am not counting on super scorchio!  As mentioned in my earlier post,  I don't have a carry on sized bag, mine is a little larger - a super light carry on that is strong enough to be checked in is definitely on my wish list.


Chambray culottes - these are more practical than a skirt as I can sit cross-legged, ride a bike and so on.  They can also be layered over the leggings that I am also packing.

This skirt is still an object of debate.  With leggings and sneakers, it's an alternative to jeans on cooler days and with leggings and sandals, it's good for warmer days.

Leggings x 2 - great for wearing under clothes on cooler days and also for lounging around after sightseeing, working out and PJs.

Pretty cotton and modal top - this goes with all the bottoms and can be worn in the day or for casual evening.

Long-sleeved slouchy tshirt - can be layered over singlet tops or worn on its own or under the cardi and the jacket if it is cold.  Also goes with all the bottom layers.

Cream silk blouse.  Light and easy to pack and is fine for day and casual evening wear.  It also co-ordinates with all the bottoms.

Silk singlet top.  Lovely and loose and cool for any hot days and looks good for day and casual evening.  Again - it teams well with all the bottoms.

Another white singlet top for layering, lounging, sleeping and working out.

Long sleeved thermal top.  It was freezing in some parts of Europe last spring/early summer, and I was miserably cold, so this is my back up.

Long sleeved Metallicus top.  Thin for layering and squishes up really small.

Work out top to team with leggings as I intend to stay fit while I travel - me and Jillian Michaels on the laptop after a day's sightseeing.

Maxi-dress - lovely and cool for hot days - fingers crossed we get some warmth and can be dressed up for evening.  It can be layered over a singlet, worn under the cream cardigan and belted with the belt I am wearing on the plane.

Three pairs of black socks.  I also want to take a couple of pairs of navy invisible ankle sock thingies, but I haven't found any yet at the shops.

My oh-so-practical bathing suit. Not for glamour bathing, but a friend of mine has a pool, so I might find myself in there with Little Miss O.

Not pictured are two regular bras, a sports bra and four pairs of undies.  Thought I would spare you my smalls!


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