Mama makes: Little clothes for the little girl

Am busting my fabric stash at the's just sitting there doing jack, so I thought...USE IT!  And so I am.  Brilliant, hey?  Actually, there is not much there any more, but I just want to have none really, so then I don't feel guilty about buying fabric for specific projects. Plus, I don't want to store it.  Get it OUT!  So - instead of trying to sell it all,  I am sewing.  Makes sense, really.

Easy peasy gathered skirt made from a small piece of vintage fabric with flea market lace.

Cool Mount Fuji pants made from a remnant leftover from some PJs I made for my friend's son.  The coat hanger makes them look lopsided. 

I am keeping it simple as she grows like a damn weed, and I can't bear the thought of fiddly pieces that took hours being worn briefly.  Also - they need to easy for her to move around in and not so important that it doesn't matter if she trashes them.  She also is very capricious with her tastes and while she may love the Fujisan pants today, next week, they may be ignored.  Kids, hey?

Of course, mini matching versions for Hanako are de rigueur.


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