Sewing for kids: Endless bags for school

It may seem that I haven't been sewing much lately, but that is not entirely true.  Little Miss O is due to start kindy next month (YAY x one million) and thus, she has an extensive list of things needed.  Bakcpacks, shoe bags, inside shoes, outside uniforms, inside uniforms, disaster hoods, clay boxes, crayons, lunch boxes, cups, towels, wet towels with cases, spare clothes....phew.  And a rather excessive array of bags.  Thus, I have been raiding my fabric stash and whipping up some of her school supplies.  Kind of fun, kind of tedious....but I hope they serve her well.

A lunch bag.  Lunchboxes need bags.

A bag to carry all the other bags

3 x lunch mats.  Technically, not bags, but I had to make them anyway.

A bag for spare clothes.

A cup bag.  That's right, people, cups need bags.  Of course.


  1. Kindy already? Where did that time go?! Your lunch mats are great

  2. I know! Three years old and off to the preschool. Don't they grow fast?


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