Sewing for kids: Doll's school uniform

OK - I didn't make the bag.  I wish I had, but no....Just had to clear that up.  And yes, I know that is an elementary school randoseru, not a preschool bag.  However...

With all this veggie and organic stuff going on, it might look like I haven't been doing any sewing.  Not true, my friends!  In order to get Little Miss O a bit more used to the idea of preschool and wearing a school uniform, I made a little school uniform to match hers for her favourite doll, Hanako.  My mum had some fabric left over from a project she was doing for her school reunion in exactly the right colours.  YAY!

I embroidered the school logo on the shirt for a bit more authenticity.

This is the "inside" uniform for the kids.  Now, I need to track down a bit of black and white check to make the "formal" or "outside" uniform too.  Believe me, people, getting ready for kindy in Japan is no mean feat.  Wait for another post to see how many damn BAGS I had to make.


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