Keepin' it sweet

(Please note that I have absolutely no affiliation with this company.  I just like their teas.)

Basically,   I have pretty simple beverage (don't you love that word?) choices - water, coffee, wine or beer.  Recently, I have been attempting to cut RIGHT back on the last two, and have actually been doing quite well.

However, this has left me with raging sugar cravings and of course, unable to resist any sweet things that come into the house (mostly not bought by me), this is not a good situation in my quest for a healthier body.

Enter herbal teas. Warm and soothing in this bloody cold Tokyo winter and particularly, Pukka Herbs Vanilla Chai is really sweet and thus helps to quell the sugar beast within.  Whenever I fancy a little something sugary, I just make myself a cup and keep on the straight and narrow.

I also love the Detox and the Harmonise teas.  YUM.  If only they came as loose leaf tea and not tea bags (which I compost, but still), then life would be perfect.  Or something.

(Check my source guide for where to find Pukka teas in Japan).


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