Sewing for kids: Spare pants from daddy's t-shirt

Little Miss O needs a spare set of clothes to keep at school in case anything untoward happens. I didn't want to send any of the pants she has now just to sit in a bag and never get worn, so I thought I had better make a pair.  I loved Erica Louise's over at Recycled Fashion.

Enter daddy's old t-shirt;

I got a surprisingly compliant three year old to lie on it while I cut around her (Little Miss O is very good at being still.  Perhaps more wriggly kids might not make the best pattern drafts.)

When I looked at them, they looked uneven, so I folded them in half at the waist and trimmed the sides so they were the same. And I made the crotch a bit higher:

Then, I sewed up the seams and the crotch, added some ribbing at the ankles (oh mustard, how I love you) and put some elastic in the waist.  Et voila - the t-shirt is saved from the ragbag and Little Miss O has some pants .  For nowt.


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