Exercise: Doing the 30 day shred

Having just wolfed down SIX Caramello Koalas after a particularly tedious day with Little Miss O (Satan in three year old form), I felt it was time to make myself accountable and admit to doing, along with my efforts to eat better (Koalas aside) ....

JILLIAN MICHAELS' THIRTY DAY SHRED.  Err...except I am making it a bit longer than 30 days.  I am doing the Level 1 for 30 days, or until I can do it without pausing at all, whichever comes first.  Then I am going to move on to Level 2 (once I get hold of the DVD - am trying for one on freecycle at the moment) combined with a 30 minute yoga workout afterwards because I miss yoga.  After that, I am going to do Level 3 combined with either a 30 minute yoga workout or 30 minutes of C25K (yep - that old chestnut).  Am off to Europe again in a couple of months, so may have to modify this plan a little, but that is the plan as it stands today.

Here's me on Feb 24th - 171cm and 70.8kg.  (I have measured myself, but I am not publishing those because they are going to never be exact, whereas my scales never lie, the buggers).  I am aiming for a better all over tone and stamina....and to get rid of that little bump on my belly.

Sorry - not posting a pic of myself with a bare belly unless I end up with a six pack.  


  1. You go girl! For overall toning, I highly recommend the 7 minute workout, there is a great iPhone/iPad app for it, you can choose to do 1,2,3 x 7 mins, it is all about using your own body weight for strength training and also includes cardio, it incentivises you to keep doing it everyday, first for a week, then a month, 3 months etc. I have def notice a difference in my arms and tummy area. And the beauty, you can do it anywhere, all you need is you, a chair and a wall! Xxx

  2. Hey inspiring running lady! How's it going? I don't have either of those iThings (sad but true) but I shall see if I can just get it on the Mac. Lovin' the shred though. Lovely to hear from you.


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