Cross stitch is my latest kink

Little Miss O made me buy it!  But, in all honesty, who can resist a cross-stitched Eiffel Tower?  Last time I did cross stitch was in Year 5 when we had to do samplers for our school's centenary.  For some reason, my mum bought me the brooooooown cross stitch fabric AND I think I was the only person who did their own, not made their mother do it for them.  Or maybe everyone else was just really talented.  Possible.  

So - 30 odd years later, I am face to face with the old cross stitch again, and I am loving it.  It's so very soothing.  I have made a few mistakes so far, but nothing appalling.  I shall report back when it is done.  And then, I feel. the sky might be my limit...


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