Broke in the Toke: 100 yen sushi

Although at home, I mostly cook vegan and vegetarian dishes, especially until I find some sustainable fish in Japan, when I go out, I don't mind a bit of seafood.  Sushi is my seafood meal of choice in Japan, but there are a wide range of sushi restaurants, and I admit to being quite terrified by the really small and exclusive ones...mainly from a budget perspective.

Kaiten sushi has saved my bacon (haha) innumerable times.  From Beijing in 2001 to Fukuoka in 2008, popping into kaiten sushi has let me eat peacefully and well without having to worry too much about my language ability, which at those times in those countries was minimal.  However, having to keep an eye on the colour of the plates and work out how much out of pocket I am going to be quite ruins the appetite.

Enter the magic number - 100 YEN!  Woohoo.  I first discovered 100 yen sushi in the centre of Kyoto at the Kappa Sushi chain.  I could try new types of sushi freely (hamburger sushi anyone?  Not me, thanks!) and still come out full without having strained my wallet.  YAY.  Sushi is 100 yen a plate (currently 105 yen with tax and set to go up to 108 yen in April with the consumption tax hike) and green tea is free but beer and miso (essential accompaniment in my view) prices are higher and vary from store to store.

Our current faves are Kappa Sushi at 5 Chome-2-3 Tateishi, Katsushika, Tokyo 124-0012, Japan, which has a cute little train to deliver your orders and Hamazushi -  a new restaurant just near our place opposite the Mizumoto incineration plant.  I know - glamorous location.  The taste is quite delicious - the clam miso soup at Hamazushi is my current fave.  Both have a decent range of traditional sushi and more fusion type weirdnesses e.g. grilled cheese and prawn sushi (actually, very tasty) and some things that are just plain WRONG e.g. fried chicken sushi.  At Kappa Sushi, the special orders come on a train and at Hamazushi, they come on a special raised plate and a little song is played (but sometimes we miss them anyway.  Oops!).  Both have English menus on their touch screens.  Having seen a kid touch and cough over the plates on the conveyor, we always order from the screen.

For lunch for Little Miss O and I (Lunch is only 94 yen a plate at Hamazushi at weekday lunch time and also at a reduced rate at Kappa Sushi) usually costs 1119 yen (without beer - it is lunch time after all!)



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