Exercise: 30 day shred - one month in

 A month into the shred and I am VERY much over Level 1.  It's much easier to do now, of course, but I have to still do the push ups with my knees bent.  I skipped four days for various reasons and swapped two days for a yoga workout and a cardio kickboxing work out.

In the pictures below, the side view looks basically the same, but I think the front-on view shows some trimming down - even if it is not a huge difference.  I did some measurements, and there seems to be some loss in cm, but I am the worst measurer in the world, so again, I am not publishing those for fear of giving false info.

However, the scales have shown a weight loss of 1.4kg, bringing me to 171cm and 69.4kg.  It's not very much, but I am happy about it.

My body definitely feels firmer.  In addition, and I don't think this can be attributed to Jillian Michaels alone, I have more energy.  My skin looks better, and my eyes are clearer.  I think that this is a combination of regular exercise as well as a commitment to trying to eat clean.  As you may be aware, I have been eating lots of organic veggies, cutting down on white foods and not drinking alcohol as well as trying to (this the least successfully) cut down on sugar.

Overall, I am pretty pleased.

Looking forward, I plan to start doing a food journal for myself to look at when I crave sugar and also to look at how many grain foods I eat - I think it might be too many - as well as looking at healthy snacks.  I also want to try and incorporate a detox flow yoga workout into my workout - maybe every second day after doing Jillian Michaels.  Recently, the old bod has been feeling a bit stiff.

But man - let's hope that Level 2 DVD arrives soon before I go MAD.

At the start of the shred (above)

Today - 30 days in (above)

At the start of the shred (above)

Today - 30 days in (above)


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