Eco eater: Healthy brekky and camembert damper

I serve these little darlings with veggie soup, and they are superb.  The recipe comes from, and I made it more health friendly by substituting two cups of spelt flour and only using one cup of white as I finish off the bags of white flour I seem to have amassed.  If I had had some soy milk in the fridge, I would have swapped that too.  As Little Miss O is not a big pepper lover, and actually, I have no pepper (I know - a crime - I have just got back from holidays though!) at the moment either, I used dried oregano.  Random, but tasty.

Little Miss O is being a real pain with eating at the moment - goodness knows why.  If anyone has any advice on how to get a three year old to eat her meal properly and how to resist the urge to tip the whole bowl over her head, please feel free to forward it to  However, I did manage to get a decent breakfast into her - whole grain porridge with organic cranberries, chia seeds and organic honey.  Again - no soy milk, but soon to be rectified.

As usual, check out the source page to see where to get some of the trickier ingredients in Japan.


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